Every person deserves a chance at a brighter future. We provide the hope to make it possible.

Who We Are

Lifeline Community Outreach Center, Inc. is committed to providing stable housing and a supportive environment for those in need. Our unwavering commitment to our clients is reflected in our programming approach, which emphasizes hope, health, and healing.

We understand that adversity can be a difficult and ongoing challenge to overcome. That’s why we take a trauma-informed approach to our work, providing a safe space for our clients to heal and grow. Our programs are designed to empower individuals and restore a sense of agency and purpose to their lives.

When initial interventions are unsuccessful, we remain dedicated to our clients and continue to support them through redirection and re-engagement. We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to build a brighter future, and we are here to help make that vision a reality.

Our Mission

Lifeline Community Outreach Center, Inc.’s mission is to reduce homelessness by providing safe, stable, and supportive housing that restores displaced adults in the Metro Atlanta Area.

Our Vision

Lifeline Community Outreach Center, Inc.’s vision is to inspire and empower individuals to disrupt negative patterns, create new visions, build self-esteem, and develop sustainable life skills.

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